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Archive for February 2009

Counter Strike [Cheats & Cracks]

February 14, 2009

Published by: Microsoft Game Studios Developed by: Valve Release Date: November 18, 2003 Genre: First-Person Shooter Many of us still remember the first experience in multipleyar IPX networks and DOOM, where four people is pie in the wild action, with missiles flying and frying palm. Then even be dzhitkashe and a serial cable to one […]

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

February 12, 2009

Published by: Warner Bros. Interactive Developed by: Monolith Productions Release Date: February 10, 2009 Genre: First-Person Shooter FEAR continues Crime supernatural tale of a powerful psychic named Alma, whose rage against those who harmed her, led her to start an escalating paranormal crisis that threatens to devour and replace reality with game.Igrachite will meet Alma, […]

Far Cry 2

February 5, 2009

Published by: Ubisoft Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal Release Date: October 21, 2008 Genre: First-Person Shooter Continuation of the successful action of tropical Crysis will offer approximately 50 hours solo gameplay! Can you imagine what the world talk about the case? It will be great, but really huge. And you will be able to explore how […]