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Searching Conficker will lead to the virus

Symantec warned users that searching for the conficker worm online will actually lead you to those links which carries the virus.

Conficker worm will make use of loopholes in the Windows Server computer attacks, while in October last year, Microsoft warned users that the virus will make use of a remote Windows system, loopholes in the implementation process and to carry out large-scale attack to remind the user to install the emergency patch, but still Many computers are unprotected state.

According to security vendor’s research, through the many popular search engines Conficker information search, the search results displayed in a number of sites carrying the virus itself, if the user click on the link then would be Conficker infection.

Symantec said that the best way is to use software such sites shielding, “visit the Web site must be careful to keep abreast of the latest virus information is correct, but will give you the information carefully bring other ‘surprises’.”

Earlier this month, security software vendors have found the third edition of Conficker variant W32.Downadup.C, and that it will 1 April Fool’s Day to launch a large-scale attacks. CA (Computer Associates), said Don DeBolt, senior director of: “Conficker.C will be April 1 in the attack, and it will be 50,000 per day the domain name registration.”


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