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Autodesk Autocad Raster Design 2009


Use AutoCAD ® Raster Design software with AutoCAD ® software and applications based on AutoCAD to extend the value of rasterized scanned drawings, maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and digital elevation models.

With AutoCAD Raster Design graphics software you can clean, edit, and create hybrid raster-vector drawings, or vectorize scanned drawings without expensive redrafting. Analyze imagery, and transform, edit, and prepare raster design data with AutoCAD Raster Design software. In addition, enhance communication and understanding of design intent by creating drawings and proposals that integrate information-rich plans, maps, satellite data, and other forms of imagery. AutoCAD Raster Design helps you improve your design and decision-making processes and the quality of presentations, so you can be more productive and get the maximum value from your raster assets.

Quickly and easily convert raster images into vector objects by Autodesk Raster Design – software running on AutoCAD-based applications. Integrate maps and satellite photos aerofoto to remove excess prechertavane. Analyze raster information in different ways to take better decisions. With the support of various formats Raster Design helps you get the most out of Raster data without the need for additional applications.

Expand your options with AutoCAD platform implementation of Autodesk Raster Design. The program has an opportunity for the presentation of Raster objects such as vector, making them easier to process. Architects, engineers, and others who work with raster images, can benefit from accurate drawings vectorization

Edit raster images

• Use a new interface for managing the operations and data types;

• Take advantage of support and pictures mnogospektralni DEM format for easier decision-making;

• Use a tonal settings to maximize the purity and usefulness of the image;

• Standardized the use of color and transparency using Palette Manager;

• Use an unlimited number of points to adjust raster image (unlimited-point rubbersheeting);

• Use a row of buttons to display in order to manage the insertion of images;

• Edit your images with features Despeckle (remove small objects), Bias (tilting) and Mirror (mirror);

• Control the density of images and color depth, to create a smaller files;

• Comparison of image scale and rotation AutoCAD based on known points;

• Use histograma, twisted and invert to improve the image;

• Set or individual RGB color channels to highlight detail;

Means of Vectorization

• Save time on manual entry and improve accuracy when convert rich text drawings and maps by means of text recognition (OCR);

• Get more precise results by technology SmartCorrrect

• Creation of circles, arcs, text, and rectangles with improved means for vektorizatsiya;

• Ability to trace the screen to create polilinii. Create contour objects (requires Autodesk Land Desktop);

REM and SmartPick

• Use standard AutoCAD commands to operate with raster regions and primitive.

• Create REM (Raster Entity Manipulation) by the primitive function SmartPick, selecting single or multipoint dialing methods.

• Create regions REM existing vector geometry.

• Create improved bitonalni REM regions linked through a standard or option election.

• Possibility of choosing the REM images from different regions in one operation.

• Delete the raster lines, arcs and circles through the function to quickly clear.

• Save cut raster geometry when deleting or moving raster objects.

Presentation of raster images

• Reading and writing geoorientirani images from the Internet by maintaining URL.

• Insert geoorientirani formats such as ECW and MrSID.

• adjustment of the correlation parameters using Correlation wizard.

• Admission of the properties of objects in the window AutoCAD Properties.

• Use a wide range of raster data in the projects.

• Take advantage of support for more formats with raster data including GeoTIFF, JPEG 2000, and DOQ.

Configuration / Automating

• Use the MSI / Wise tool for more effective administration;

• Automating commands with ActiveX interface through VBA, Visual LISP, or Java;

Internet-oriented funds

• Send via command line drawings Publish to Web.

• Creating a DWF file with high resolution for visualizing and plotirane.

• put all of the drawings and the accompanying files (raster images, fonts, external references and standard files) in one convenient package to send through the command eTransmit.


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