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Abbey Clancy :Nipple Slip


This picture was caught as Abbey was leaving a club in London last night


10 Responses to “Abbey Clancy :Nipple Slip”

  1. yeah…the boob is to small..
    not to horney

  2. Abbey so beautiful! Top 10 best legs girl

  3. The boob may be small, be she’s soooooo beautiful…

  4. […] nipple slip pictures circulated around the internet last year. Let’s take a look at this English hottie. […]

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  9. in my opinion, Grand Theft Auto is super addictive based from my experience :~`

  10. I Like to read about addictive games.Got your page on Saturday.Your Post Abbey Clancy :Nipple Slip « Raggedon’s Blog is really Nice.Thanks.

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