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Armed Assault 2 [PC-ISO]


Published by: 505 Games
Developed by: Bohemia Interactive
Release Date: June 26, 2009
Genre: First-Person Shooter

Armed Assault 2 plays in 2009 in a fictional post-Soviet Land called Chernarus. You run in a special Military simulation command, the stability in the country fought to ensure.

Armed Assault 2 is based on the latest generation of technology ArmA
and is characterized by outstanding features: an extremely wide –
rich game world, authentic, highly detailed weapons, vehicles and
Environments, challenging single player missions and impressive
Multiplayer options.


  • Storybasierte single-player campaign with RPG elements
  • Action with dynamic events and surprises
  • Well over 50 weapons and usable vehicles, which the current Ruestungsstand correspond
  • Huge multiplayer maps for more than 50 players
  • 1000 sq km large area (fully playable)
  • Armory: Dynamic playable library, all weapons and Vehicles includes
  • Improved AI, especially in Haeuserkampf and in an urban environment
  • AI uses hand signals for coordination and enhanced understanding
  • Multi playing for more than 50 human players on one battlefield (Join in Progress)
  • Integrated voice over IP (VOIP)

To play the game in English:
1) Burn or mount,
2) Install,
3) Copy the content of “GENESIS” to your destination directory,
4) Copy the content of “English Patch” to your destination directory,
5) Play the game.


4 Responses to “Armed Assault 2 [PC-ISO]”

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  2. how do i download?

  3. Where is the download link ?

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