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Kanalis and Clooney are VIP couple of film festivals in Venice

Bachelor number 1 in Hollywood, George Clooney looks serious crush on a woman divorced from Jose Mourinho. Actor-an extremely rare playboy boyfriends presents his audience, but now it’s so. Clooney took the Italian Beauty Elisabetta Kanalis at film festivals in Venice – their first official appearance before the media since the spark of their love was kindled in the middle of summer.


Clooney and temperamental Miss Kanalis arrived in the most romantic city in the world on Monday evening with a motorboat and stay in luxurious Hotel Cipriani, where the Hollywood actor is a regular guest. A former doctor from “ER” features beyond the competition program of the festival with a bizarre satirical drama entitled “The Men who stare with goats” (literally – people who stared at goats).

In early August, George Clooney, presented her new boyfriend of his good friends – top model Cindy Crawford and her husband Rand Gerbar. It is alleged that a man makes such a step only if you really experiencing serious feelings. A current outbreak of the celebrity couple in Venice already has the right to prove that. Quartet earn less extreme and wonderful weekend near the shores of Lake Como, where George has a villa.


41-year Kanalis Elizabeth is a popular Italian TV hosts, model and actress. She is known for his many failed relationships with famous athletes. “In her hands are back, Brazilian footballer of Parma Reginald, motorcycle I Valentino Rossi and former Inter Milan striker Christian Vieri. According to the yellow press of the Apennines shougarlata is the basis of separation of Jose Mourinho with his wife Matilda, which was married Portuguese professional 20 years and having two children – a girl of 11 years and boy of 7.

Detected for the paparazzi and Clooney Kanalis hands in mid-July in Rome. For their first romantic date hot American actor brought Italian dinner in a restaurant at the luxurious Hotel Majestic in the Eternal City. Currently, their relations seem completely cloudless and so will probably be at least several more months, as George will remain for some time in Italy for the filming of his new film “A Very Private Gentleman”. However, whether Elizabeth Kanalis will succeed to keep the famous Don Juan to himself only time will tell …


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