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Paris Hilton is looking for her prince charming

paris hilton pink bentley

Although reunited with his former friend Doug Reinhard, secular lioness Paris Hilton said in an interview that is still looking for their prince charming.
“When I was younger, I had two dreams – to become a princess and become a star. Now my only remains to find her prince charming. I’m only 27 and hope to take most of his youth. I ‘m too young to having to get married, although I hope one day to meet a kindred soul and create a family, “reveals heiress.  Asked about the secret of its beauty, Paris replied that it is innate to be hot. The blonde said she was a spoiled little girl and has not benefited from the money of their parents. “I worked hard to get there. I want nothing from his family. Shammah earn money without the help of mom and dad. I’m very independent and I am a real businesswoman. Besides the reality show and my films, I deal with fashion line , cosmetics and perfumes, “reveals Hilton.


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