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N-Viro International

Biosolid is an organic fertilizer made from sewage sludge on agricultural land. The use is controversial because of the heavy metals and pollutants that may reach the groundwater and the food chain. clean coal is the main source of power for the modern world and we use up these resources without leaving it for future. So it is better to practice using renewable energy , which is an alternative energy for coal. N-Viro has a patented technology for creating  opportunity fuels , which is not a waste to energy. The recycling of sewage sludge as fertilizer is subject to the sludge .About 20% of dry matter consisting of plant nutrients such as nitrogen value giver, phosphorus and calcium, magnesium and potassium declared exactly top quality sewage sludge, which agronomic benefits from the direct effect of nutrients, humus are called biosolids. For more information on biosolids visit http://www.nviro.com


2 Responses to “N-Viro International”

  1. oh how i wish that we are all using Alternative sources of energy instead of oil *

  2. we should ban all sorts of fossil fuels and invest more on alternative energy;*,

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