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Exhaust systems

The exhaust is first used to evacuate combustion gases out of the area where the engine. These flue gases are likely to cause the engine malfunction and pose a danger to operators nearby. Therefore, exhaust lines often lead to the rear of vehicles, or are located high on the engines fixed.It also serves to reduce noise and pollution, it is composed: A system to reduce the noise muffler; A system for reducing emissions by catalysis or by filtration.The exhaust is involved in the operation of the engine: Too free, the engine increases its power (the cylinder is emptied after each burn better), but more heat and consume more, Too muffled, the engine lacks power; On the two-stroke engines, pot relaxation improves both the extraction of exhaust gases that the compression.Since the late 1990s, a growing number of countries have mandated the catalyst for new vehicles, gasoline or diesel. Their performance is indisputable for some pollutants, less or no for others. They are sometimes equipped with a particulate filter. To choose from a wide variety of exhaust systems visit Carid.com . Start your search right from the home page to all Models and make. Brands and products.Air intakes, reflectors and lot more to shop for your wheels.


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