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Marko Stout

Mark stout is a talented expressionist from the New york city, His project called ” The Cave ” is very creative and expresses  some unimaginable thoughts on peoples mind about religion, universe and stuffs. The Cave represents a scenario in which people look on actual that which as a matter of fact is an illusion. In this case Dr.Mark Stout uses “The Cave” as a metaphor for our idea and sensory limitations,  as our human experience is bounded by our imprisonment within a physical body, we therefore attempt to understand the nature of the universe through myth, faiths and scientific methodology in an unimaginable effort to empathise the universe.Understanding “The Cave”: You had better conceive of an pothole domiciled along captives who have been chained and held firm as birth, required to gaze entirely at a wall in front of them. Behind the captives are a large fire, between the fire and the captives constitutes a raised walkway by which people walk carrying things on their heads letting in figures of mankinds and animals made of wood, stone and different materials. The captives determine the darknesses cast along their jailers not aware they’re barely shadows. On that point is as well echoes off the wall by the noise brought on by the paseo.

The captives would accept the darkness’s to be real stuff* and the echoes to comprise actual voices, insensible they’re but the expressions from truth since these are altogether they accepted of all time ascertained or discovered. They’d praise equally clever the captive who put up better conjecture which shade soured would add up adjacent because somebody who realized the nature by the creation and the whole of their society would depend upon the darkness’s about the wall.


3 Responses to “Marko Stout”

  1. I really find Marko Stout’s art to be very remarkable, especially the spiritual nature of humans that his free spirited abstract oil drawings capture. The use of color is incredible and I’m impressed with the rough uninhabited use of black to emphasize his point that we are spirits imprisoned in our physical bodies. I look forward to seeing the large canvas paintings in his upcoming “Cave” exhibit that are based upon these intense oil drawings- it should be a remarkable show and I’m certain it will be seen by many as his work continues to mature.

  2. Just wanted to say I love his work! Marko is a very exciting and passionate artist- one of my new favorites.

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